This year’s Fourth of July gas prices are the lowest since 2005.

Senior petroleum analyst Patrick Dehaan with says prices have been sliding over the last few weeks. He says believe it or not, prices at the pump are lower now than they were on January 1.

“That’s something you almost never see, gas prices lower July 4 than in the winter when prices are typically lowest. So certainly a great time to hit the road,” Dehaan said.

Dehaan says if you’re driving on the Fourth, expect roadways to be crowded as families take advantage of the drop in gas prices. He says prices usually peak around May when refineries finish up maintenance and transition to summer grade gasoline, and we usually see a slight decline after that.

“What’s rare is how low prices have dropped, and we can thank a big drop in the price of oil, $7 a barrel in the last month, for the drop at the pump,” Dehaan said.

Dehaan says prices are even cheaper now than they were this time last year. He says Louisiana drivers will save even more compared to other parts of the country. The statewide average of $2.06 a gallon is well below the national average of $2.25.

“Louisiana tends to be much cheaper because of relatively low gas taxes and, of course, being in an area that produces a lot of oil and has significant refining capacity,” Dehaan said.

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