Workers in France can go ahead and set the 'Do Not Disturb' feature on their email once they leave the office.

New labor laws went into effect on Sunday giving workers the "right to disconnect" from emails, servers, and other electronic "leashes" once the workday is done.

The Ministry of Labor released a statement saying it's all about balance.

These measures are designed to ensure respect for rest periods and … balance between work and family and personal life

If a company has 50 or more employees they are required to put new guidelines in place that ensure employees get a break from the office when they aren't working. Unions in France have pushed for these regulations for some time saying email and other digital technology has created an "explosion of undeclared labor."

Some firms were proactive in putting after-work email regulations in place while others have completely disabled their email systems overnight.

Don't be fooled—France may seem like a great place to work, but since putting a 35-hour work week in place in 2000 many reforms have given specific industries special exceptions. If that isn't enough to thwart your move overseas, just last year they introduced new measures making it easier for employers to fire employees and reduce overtime pay.

Would you love to have no after work emails if it meant that your boss could fire you for no reason, or reduce your overtime pay?

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