How's your tender vegetation? Be careful how and who you ask that question around the office this morning, you don't want there to be any misunderstanding. The vegetations I am speaking of are those plants and flowers you busted your butt to keep alive all summer long. They are now in danger thanks to Mother Nature's desire to keep us totally off balance while she seeks to balance herself.

The National Weather Service in Lake Charles has issued a Freeze Warning for a portion of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas this morning. That Freeze Warning will be extended to all of Acadiana for Thursday (Nov 15) morning.

The forecast is calling for temperatures to be at or below the freezing mark from midnight tonight until about 9 AM Thursday morning. These cold temperatures could damage or destroy many plants that folks like you and I have in our yards and gardens.

The temperatures should range from about 28 degrees in the northern parishes to right at 32 degrees along the coast. The danger to your plants is not as much how cold it is but how long it stays cold.

Sensitive plants that can be brought inside or under a covered patio or garage should weather the conditions just fine. Those plants that are permanently planted in yards and gardens should be covered with a light plastic or blanket. This will help minimize the damage of frost or potential freezing temperatures.

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