Gas prices are on the rise at a time of the year when prices traditionally go down.

Louisiana drivers are paying 2.36 a gallon for regular gasoline, while a month ago, prices were at 2.21 a gallon. Triple A fuel analyst Don Redman says high gas prices at the start of the new year may lead to an increase in prices through 2018.

"We're concerned about what this may foretell for the remainder of 2018."

Redman says demand may have been down due to the winter weather, but prices remain high due to a growing economy.

"It's a case anytime the economy grows, so does the demand for energy.  And we've certainly seen the economy nationwide as well as our area really starting to grow significantly."

Redman says another reason for the high prices is domestic oil output is surpassing OPEC producing nations.

"While it's good for U.S. economics, that also means higher prices for the consumer at home."

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