We've all encountered some strange things during the course of our workday, haven't we? Most of the time it's the strange food item left in the 'fridge by a co-worker or the mysterious stain that showed up overnight on the conference room carpet. Regardless, we observe, we contemplate, we move on.

Now imagine your job site is on top of a world-class racehorse. I've never actually been in that position but I can imagine it's a place where physical ability and a pretty sharp mind are necessary to finish the workday without going to the hospital.

I am sure jockey Masayuki Abe figured his day at the Cannon Park Race Course in Cairns Australia was going to be another day of business as usual. But no, this day was going to be different. As Abe was making his way around the race course he heard a warning being shouted by one of the gatemen.

The words of the warning tailed off as Abe and his mount thundered by. Abe recalled hearing something about "there is a giant..." He couldn't make out the rest of the warning until he saw it for himself.

At first, Abe thought what he was seeing in the grass was a giant crack in the course. Upon further review and closer, but not too close inspection, it turned out the "crack" was a giant snake.

The snake was a Carpet Python and it was estimated to be 15 or 16 feet long. Abe did his best to distract his horse from noticing the reptile and fortunately succeeded in that endeavor. Otherwise, the spooked horse could have thrown the jockey or injured himself.

All's well that ends well though. The snake took about four hours to slither on off the race course. It eventually disappeared into the bush beyond the railing. An official with the race course said they have had to cancel racing because of locusts, dogs, and even sheep on the track. This is the first time they've ever had to delay the program because of a snake.

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