A video recorded on Jan. 23 has resurfaced as Starbucks continues to face claims of racial discrimination.

Just days after a video showing the arrest of two black men who were waiting for a friend inside a Philadelphia Starbucks another video has surfaced causing many to question whether or not the popular coffee chain treated another black man unfairly.

Brandon Ward says he was waiting for a friend at a Torrance Starbucks about 14 miles southwest of Downtown Los Angeles. About 15 minutes into his wait, Ward says needed to use the restroom—but noticed there as a sign saying it was for "customers only." Ward asked a staff member if he could use the restroom and buy something afterward, but was told no.

Shortly after, he saw a man who appeared to be white receive the code without buying anything and began to record his video.

Upon the man's exit from the restroom, Ward asks him his name, to which the man replies "Weston." Ward continues to ask him questions and confirms that Weston got the bathroom code from employees before making a purchase.

He approaches the counter and confronts the store manager asking "Is it because of my skin color?" as she is heard asking the Ward to stop recording and leave. A security guard approaches as the video shuts off, but not before Ward is heard claiming that he would be posting the video on social media.

Torrance police confirm officers were called to the Southern California Starbucks location but no arrests were made.

As the story previously reports, the incident happened back on Jan. 23 but since Ward posted the clip to his Facebook page this Saturday it has garnered over half a million views.

The reason for the video resurfacing is connected to a viral video showing two black men being arrested after sitting down to wait for a friend without making a purchase in a Philadelphia Starbucks. Just like Ward, these men had asked to use the restroom before buying anything—this according to the Philadelphia Police Commissioner.

Starbucks employees at the Philadelphia location asked the men to leave then called 911 to report trespassing.

As it would turn out, the men were waiting for a friend who showed up as they were being put in handcuffs and escorted out of the Starbucks while onlookers filmed the incident. The men were eventually released with no charges filed, but Starbucks has faced major backlash surrounding accusations of racism and discrimination.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has apologized, calling the arrests "reprehensible" and promising "unconscious bias" training for all staff across the company. He also informed the two men that he wanted to apologize to them both face to face, to which they agreed to meet with him this week.

The company also said the Philadelphia store manager who called 911 no longer works there.

According to a KTLA reporter who visited the Torrance Starbucks location, when asked about the bathroom policy store employees would not provide it, instead referring the reporter to the company's corporate office.

The reporter was asked if she was news media then asked to leave. While she was there she noted there was "no visible sign indicating who may or may not use the restroom."

Was the Starbucks out of line for not being consistent with their policy? Sound off in the comments and tell me what you think.

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