The Saints will take to the field in the Superdome in November wearing the wrong uniforms thanks to Sean Payton's golf game. Saints fans used to seeing the Black and Gold wearing black jerseys at home will have to make an adjustment in mid-November when the league champion Philadelphia Eagles come to town.

It seems that Coach Payton and Eagles Coach Doug Pederson shared a round of golf during the recent NFL meetings. As guys are prone to do during a golf game, a wager was made.

That wager had to do with the Eagles being able to wear their home green jerseys when they come to New Orleans. Oh, it also had to do with the fact that Sean Payton put his golf shot in the water.

Saints fans don't you fret too much, the team could use the game as one of three opportunities granted by the NFL for teams to wear alternate jerseys. The Saints might go for the all-white color rush jerseys the team wore last year. Or the team could opt for a throwback look.

Regardless the Black and Gold won't look quite the same taking the Superdome turf wearing road uniforms.

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