Tens of thousands of Louisiana internet users are at risk of having key correspondence, priceless pictures, and important documents deleted in just a matter of days if action isn't taken immediately. The key data is at risk if it is being "stored" in a Gmail account from web giant Google. But, not all Louisiana Gmail accounts are at risk of being deleted.

Rubaitul Azad via Unsplash.com
Rubaitul Azad via Unsplash.com

How Do I Know if My Gmail Account is at Risk of Being Deleted by Google?

The answer to that question and the solution for removing your Gmail account from the "chopping block" is actually quite simple. You need to use the account. You see, the great Gmail purge by Google is being done on personal accounts that have not been active for two years or longer.

The deletion program, which was announced last May by Google, is set to begin on Friday. Google has announced that the deletion policy will apply to only personal accounts. Many of those accounts have access to Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and most importantly for a lot of us, Google Photos.

Andrez Lisakov via Unsplash.com
Andrez Lisakov via Unsplash.com

Why Is Google Deleting Gmail Accounts?

The accounts that have been "dormant" for two years or longer are a security risk. Chances are the user is unsure of the password or the password is an older one that might easily be compromised. Most older accounts don't have two-factor authentication set up as well. So, it does make sense to delete accounts that have been basically unused and offer a greater threat for cyber security breaches.

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How Can I Keep My Gmail Account Active?

As we mentioned, you basically just need to use your account. If you show activity then in the eyes of the Google algorithm the account is being used. How can you show activity on your account? Do one of these things:

  • Reading or sending an email
  • Using Google Drive
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • Downloading an app on the Google Play Store
  • Using Google Search
  • Using Sign In with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service

Also, if you have subscriptions that run through your Google account that will show your account as active as well. But we should note that for Google Photos to be considered active you'll need to sign into that portion of your account at least once every two years. This will ensure that your photos and other important data are not deleted.

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