With two weeks left before the legislative session, we are waiting for Governor John Bel Edwards to announce his tax reform plans. LaPolitics.com publisher Jeremy Alford says many were surprised when they recently learned the governor is moving away from the idea of tweaking the individual income tax. He says the Administration is moving towards something completely different.

“The centerpieces that the governor is looking to replace are corporate tax on profit with one that targets sales instead.”

The state of Ohio has a similar “gross receipts tax” which they say is imposed on the privilege of doing business in the state. Alford says the governor is likely moving in this direction because voters don’t want to see individual income taxes adjusted.

“I saw brand new polling that shows any kind of change to the individual income tax would be incredibly unpopular. Why fight an issue that you know is just going to be a losing battle?”

He says in the meantime Republicans are also working on their mission for the session that begins April 10th, and they staying the course on the idea that priorities need to be realigned.

“Right now Republicans feel like the $400 million deficit for the next fiscal year is something that can be addressed without new revenue, that there is enough money on the table in the agency and department budgets to address it.”

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