UPDATE: More information has been released following the arrest of a student who allegedly brought a gun to school today.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger said two students reported seeing a gun box inside a duffle bag in a school locker room.

Upon investigating, school resource officers located the bag containing the gun which had rounds in the magazine, but no cartridge in the chamber.

Officers located the student who had brought the duffle bag to school and transported him to the Scott Police Department.

The juvenile’s mother was contacted and arrived at the Scott Police Department where the two were questioned together.

The juvenile admitted to bringing the gun to school, but stated that he forgot it was in his bag.

During the interview it was determined that the juvenile did not intend to harm himself or others on campus. However, Louisiana law states that it is illegal for any to carry a dangerous weapon on school property.


School resource officers at Acadiana High School have apprehended an unidentified student who allegedly was possessing a firearm. Lafayette Parish School System officials say the report of a gun on campus came late Monday morning. Fortunately, there was no direct threat against any Acadiana High School faculty members or students.

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