I will be forthright and upfront with you. I don’t believe in ghosts. But this story I will share with you and the accompanying video evidence has me a bit shaken up.

I was recently telling my brother in-law, Mike, about a hunting lease a couple of my brothers have in very southern Arkansas. Like, right after you cross the Louisiana line kind of Arkansas.

The town "where there's a Walmart" is called Crossett. Having spent many of his formidable years in Monroe, Louisiana (only about an hour from Crossett), my brother in-law's eyes immediately lit up when I referenced this town.

"Have you ever seen the Crossett Ghost Light?" was the first thing out of Mike's mouth.

And after I scraped my jaw off the floor, my reply was a succinct, "uh, no, but what the heck is that?"

He went on to explain that while he also isn't a believer in ghosts or much of the paranormal he couldn't quite explain this. Mike said that there's a crossroad in the town where you turn away from one of the roads at said intersection, stop and then turn your car around back towards that road and flash your light three times.

Once you start driving it appears -- a ghost light!

A light hangs mid-air as you drive towards it. And in most videos I've been able to find on the internet, the light disappears after a good 10-15 seconds.

Is it someone holding a lantern of sorts and then turning it off? That's a valid question.

However, Mike said he's driven the road at very late times of the evening. He asked himself the question, "How would someone know I'm coming at 11:30pm on a Tuesday?"

Next time I go the hunting camp, I am definitely going to check this out and film what goes down. And for some reason, I'm not even scared about it.


In researching this phenomenon, this has been going on for a while now.

The following excerpt from the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism website gives a little background on this potential ghost.

Crossett had a railroad worker, a brakeman, who came to an untimely end in the early 1900s when he was beheaded near the track. Now many people report seeing a ball of light swaying back and forth a few feet over the track as the spirit of the brakeman looks for his lost head. Or is it his wife carrying the lantern and looking...?

The Crossett legend began with the coming of the railroads, which not only shaped towns on maps but also created Arkansas paranormal legends of narrative tradition. The Crossett Light is viewed by some as a terrifying ghost, while others view it as a unique source of fun and entertainment like other Arkansas haunted attractions. The most interesting aspect of The Light is that, according to several tales, it supposedly disappears when one approaches it, and according to at least one account, it will travel through cars on the road, making it impossible to start the ignition.

I would love to know if you or someone you know has experienced the Crossett Ghost Light. Video would be even better! Email your story to jude@973thedawg.com

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