There are not many times I would ever associate with the words healthy and King Cake. Unless I was telling someone the reason I am not very healthy is that I love King Cake. By their very nature, King Cakes are not supposed to be good for you. But alas, this is the year 2020 and we have obligations to our health and our families.

The makers of Eat Fit King Cakes, available at select retailers in Louisiana and Texas, promise a healthier version of our favorite Mardi Gras treats. These cakes are billed to be gluten-free, grain-free, low carb, sugar-free, dairy-free and all-natural. The one ingredient they do claim is flavor.

The cakes are made using almond and coconut flour. They are sweetened with Swerve. From what we understand that product, Swerve is a natural, plant-based sweetener. The Eat Fit King Cakes also boasts no artificial sweeteners or colors. The cakes claim just two grams of net carbs and zero sugar per serving.

The cakes are available in the Lafayette area at Whole Foods Market and at Good Eats Kitchen. They are also available online.

While I am sure in my world the Eat Fit King Cake will never take the places of Meches, Pouparts, Kellers, or any number of local King Cake legends in Acadiana, it's good to know that people are trying come up with healthy alternatives for the foods we love.


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