There is such a thing as the perfect vending machine, and it's located in Henderson, LA.

Facebook user Garilyn Bardash uploaded a video to Facebook showing the 'interesting' contents of a vending machine near Pat's along the Henderson levee. Instead of your normal vending machine offerings (gum, chips, cheese crackers, etc.) this vending machine had all the necessities—with a Cajun twist!

Instead of your standard drinks or snacks, this machine had everything from Tony Chachere's seasoning and Fish Fry to toilet paper and Gorilla Glue. And according to Bardah, prices were comparable to store pricing and there was actually more variety than what we saw in her video.

Condoms were $3.75 for 3. Community coffee $5.75. Chairmen toilet paper was $2.75 a roll. Prices were comparable to store prices. Punch in the button and it tells you the price. Takes credit cards too! Things were different the second day we stopped at it!

I'm not sure who curated the items in this vending machine but I would suggest they put more of this exact selection in locations around Acadiana. I would totally use it!

What items would you want in your "perfect" vending machine?

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