When it comes to slang, it can be really tough to keep up, and even tougher to know exactly what it all means. The same can be said for the way we talk here in South Louisiana. An out-of-towner is going to have a very difficult time figuring out what we're trying to tell them. Now, if you put the two together? Poo-Yie Mais Las like that you know Cher?! We've decided to come up with our own list of "Cajun Slang Terms" that you'll definitely want to start using immediately.

1) They Are So Roux - Used when talking about a couple's great relationship. A good roux starts with very simple beginnings. But with time, attention and a bunch of love, it turns into something amazing. The same can be said for relationships.

2) Blue Dog Stare - Used to describe an uncomfortable way of being looked at. We all know the blank, expressionless look on the face of the world famous Blue Dog. It's the same look you give someone when they ask "Have you tried that new "boudain" from Walmart?"

3) Henny - Used to describe something that is really good, or "fire". Derived from the father of Tabasco, Edmund McIlhenny. This can be used to describe many things, as long as you think it's great. The new Dustin Sonnier song can be "Henny", a great weekend can be described as "Henny" or even a great pot of gumbo can be "Henny".

4) L.T.J. - Used to describe something that is never going to happen. This is an acronym for "Left Turn On Johnston" which as we all know, is never going to happen. Can be used in a situation like "Oh, that boy keeps hitting me up on Instagram, but he's a definite L.T.J." or "Tomatoes in my gumbo? That's an L.T.J."

5) Houla - Used to describe a guy who "gets around". Derived from the official dog of Louisiana, the Catahoula Cur. Can be used in conversation like "Todd called you last night? Mais La, you know he's straight Houla right?"

6) Kart Ranch - Used to describe a person that everyone loves. We all know that one person that you'll just never hear anyone say a bad word about because, well everyone loves em. Can be used in conversation such as "Man, I'm so lucky. My boss is so Kart Ranch. I couldn't ask for better."

7) Don't Bring Your Coffee Cup - Used to describe a situation in which you don't want someone to get comfortable. Can be used in a conversion where you're letting someone borrow something, and want to make sure they understand it's only a temporary thing. Such as "Hey bruh, I'm gonna help you out and let you borrow my pot and burner, but don't bring ya coffee cup. I'm gonna need that back in a couple of weeks."

8) Chache - Used to describe someone who is in a bad mood, or "salty" but with a little fire to boot. Derived from Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning. Pronounced "Sashy". Can be used in conversation such as "You might want to avoid Maw Maw this morning, she Chache".


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