The uncertainty that surrounds COVID-19 is something that can take a toll on anyone.

For weeks we have been inundated with information, and ultimately the real-life impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. People working in the media have been working round the clock, providing information and statistics on all things related to COVID-19.

This morning, 'Today Show' host Hoda Kotb had to gather herself after an interview with Drew Brees detailing the effects of the coronavirus in New Orleans—a place that holds a special place in Hoda's heart.

As someone who has been covering this pandemic on a local level, I can honestly admit that I understand her emotions.

It gets heavy at times being that it's almost impossible to "unplug." Days literally blend into one another and the personal struggles that I see my friends dealing with (layoffs, slow business, no business, closures) make this pandemic hit too close to home at times.

But Hoda said something very important as she was breaking down. She told Drew that his $5 million donation could go so much further than just the dollar amount.

Our hope is that because you let us know that made this big generous donation, I think other people will look and say ‘Hey maybe I can help out to.’ Drew we love ya!’

She is very right when she says "generosity is contagious" and I truly believe anyone who sees her emotional clip will feel something—and hopefully, that will lead to doing something.

Big or small, any display of humanity or act of kindness is important right now. So let's take care of ourselves, and each other.

Oh, and unplug from time to time.

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