As the story unfolds about the Route 91 Harvest Festival Las Vegas shooting, details continue to get even more disturbing. One Louisiana couple were at the festival celebrating their anniversary when a weekend of joy suddenly turned into absolute terror.

Holly and Tracy Pitre from Houma decided to go to Vegas to celebrate their anniversary. They are both Country music fans, so going to the Route 91 Harvest Festival was right up their alley.

Tracy tells he heard the first pop, then two or three more and thought it was fire works. Then he says "all of a sudden, it was just something from a movie. You heard the automatic, the ammunition, pop, pop, pop. I knew at that instant we were in trouble."

It was at that moment Tracy and Holly ran for their lives.

It was horrific. The biggest thing that sticks in my mind is, no matter how fast or how far you ran, the way everything echoed down that strip, it just seemed like he was following.

Eventually the two spotted a cab and dove in to get away.

The couple is now back in Louisiana, safe.

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