It's officially homecoming season, which means it's also officially toilet paper season.

Chances are you've driven down a street in your neighborhood and witnessed the aftermath of a solid TP job. Maybe it's that high school football player in your subdivision. Maybe it's just a popular kid or cheerleader—or maybe the house that got the toilet paper treatment was YOUR home.

If it's your yard that needs the cleanup, I've got you covered with a literal step-by-step guide from our friends over at WikiHow.

A few quick tips to highlight before you get started:

1. It's all about preparation.

You have to know what areas are the heavily loaded areas and also which areas you will need a ladder or other tool to reach. Being prepared will drastically cut down on cleanup time.

2. Power in numbers.

The more people you have to help, the faster things will fly by. A great place to start looking for help is usually the cause of the toilet paper job. Make that person grab all their high school friends (specifically the ones who did the dirty work in the first place).


This could be the most important part to remember. If you think it's hard to clean up toilet paper, it will be ten times as difficult if the rain gets to it. 

4. Top to bottom.

Always removed the paper top to bottom. Also be careful when it comes to yanking it down so that you don't leave small pieces stuck in trees or other high areas. 

5. Use tools.

Whether it's a stick or a grabbing tool, feel free to use every resource possible to make your cleanup as efficient as possible. Also, use a blower to get those small pieces at the end into an easy to scoop up the pile of paper.

Go to this page and follow the EXACT directions to clean up your toilet-papered yard, or passive-aggressively share this link to a neighbor's Facebook wall so they can catch the hint that the rest of the neighborhood doesn't want to see toilet paper hanging in their trees anymore.

Good luck!

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