There is a lot of local buzz surrounding the Louisiana Mardi Gras episode of 'Parts Unknown.'

It's one of the final episodes of the critically acclaimed CNN program from Anthony Bourdain that chronicled his travels to some of the most interesting places in the world.

When we got the tragic news about Bourdain's untimely passing back on June 8 it made the upcoming episode even more of a "must-see" event. It's what people are talking about around water coolers and dinner tables today—so if you missed out, here are a few easy ways to catch the program.

You can stream it for free up above, or buy it for $1.99 through the video link below. You can also find out when re-airs through your cable/TV provider and/or use those credentials to log into the CNN app and see it on demand.

Personally, my takeaway from the program was authenticity.

There were moments (some good, and some bad) that were brutally honest about our culture and the traditions that surround it. I particularly loved the segment with Herman Fuselier as well as the scenes that showed families and friends coming together over food and music.

What are your thoughts on the episode? If you had 40 minutes to show someone how we live in South Louisiana, what would you say? Where would you take them? What would you give them to eat?

Props to Mr. Bourdain for shining a light on our area before leaving us far too soon.

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