The other day when I read the story that someone had stolen a Jeff Davis Parish school bus I wondered out loud, Why? Why would you steal something that is so conspicuous that hiding it or pawning it or even trying to sell on the black market would be virtually impossible?

Now I hear someone has taken an even more conspicuous item.

Ben Jaffe creative director for the iconic Preservation Hall Jazz Band says his sousaphone tuba is missing. What makes this item so conspicuous is that first of all, it's a freaking big instrument. Second of all, it's the words Preservation Hall New Orleans hand-lettered on the bell.

Jaffe told that the instrument was taken from his car following a performance this past Saturday. I can only imagine the gris-gris that has been placed upon the thief and his family for pilfering such an iconic piece of New Orleans.

Jaffe explained the instrument has been a part of the band and its music since just after Hurricane Katrina. Sure he could get another tuba but to a musician, there is a bond between the performer and instrument. Jaffe just wants his partner back.

Here's how you can help. The band has set up a tip line  504.418.0367. If you have information on the whereabouts of the instrument or can provide information leading to its recovery there is an undisclosed reward being offered.

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