There's no doubt that the name Jolie is a "pretty one" and perfect for any bayou born baby girl, but is a Lafayette restaurant the reason behind it's recent rise in popularity in Louisiana?

According to's list of The 25 Best Quirky Baby Girl Names By State, Jolie's Louisiana Bistro "might have a reason why so many moms and dads in this state fancy the name." Unfortunately, Jolie's Louisiana Bistro closed in February 2016, but with the name Jolie continuing to climb up the baby name chart the beautiful restaurant could still be inspiring parents to give their daughters an equally beautiful name.

Even if Jolie's Louisiana Bistro is not the inspiration behind the rise in popularity of the name, I think it's safe to say that Jolie is a great choice for any little Louisiana lady.

With the names French roots and recognition in the "Cajun national anthem", Jolie Blonde (Jole Blon), it makes perfect sense that this names rising popularity would grow right from the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana.


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