When it comes to food in Louisiana, we aim to cook it better than anyone around, whatever we might be cooking. This includes cheeseburgers. So, where can the best cheeseburger in Louisiana be found?

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What Makes A Great Cheeseburger?

According to WGNO, Americans eat an average of 60 cheeseburgers every year, and love every bite.

What's not to love?

Get some good quality beef, toss on some cheese that melts like a champ, load up on fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles for that crunch and flavor, and then stack it all between some delicious, fresh hamburger buns...OK we're starving now.

Making a killer cheeseburger is all about having fun and playing with flavor, so no matter how put it all together, just go with what makes your taste buds do a happy dance.

Erik Oden via Unsplash.com
Erik Oden via Unsplash.com

The Best Cheeseburger In Louisiana

When it comes to crowning the "Best" of anything, especially food, it can be tough to really have a clear cut winner.

It's all opinion and bias to what to people do and don't like, right?

However, when you take a look at public opinion based on on-line reviews, you can start to get a much clearer picture on what restaurants and businesses are really doing something right.

Yelp recently took a look at all of the ratings and reviews for cheeseburger joints from each state and compiled a "Best Of" list for each State.

At Yelp.com, people rate businesses on a scale of one to five stars, and they write up reviews sharing their experiences – the good, the bad, and the in-between.

From WGNO.com -

"Yelp’s analysts recently set out to determine the 'top' cheeseburger restaurant in every state using data obtained from Yelp’s community of online reviewers.

The final list features something for folks in all corners of the country, from the meaty shores of Myrtle Beach to the cheesy plains of Wichita and beyond."


Best Cheeseburger In Louisiana
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According to Yelp ratings and reviews, here are some of "The Best Cheeseburgers"  you'll find in nearby States.

Ozark, Alabama - Our Place Diner

Pembroke Pines, Florida - North South Grill

Jackson, Mississippi - Stamps Super Burgers

Houston, Texas - Nancy’s Hustle

Bentonville, Arkansas - Table on 6th

As you're mapping out your cheeseburger pilgrimage to try all of these amazing places, let's start your trip closer to home.

Earning a 4.3 out of 5 stars and based on a whopping 326 total reviews, Fat Boy Pantry in New Orleans, Louisiana earns the title of Yelp's "Best Cheeseburger In Louisiana".

Established in 2016, Fat Boy Pantry's business description via Yelp.com "Fat Boy Pantry is home to a Fresh Pressed Juice Bar, Specialty Coffee House, Small Batch House Made Rotating Ice Cream & the Best Sandwiches Around!!"

Fat Boy Pantry Yelp Review
Fat Boy Pantry New Orleans

Have you ever eaten at Fat Boy Pantry?

Did Yelp reviewers get this one right or no?

Read more Fat Boy Pantry Yelp reviews HERE.

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