(Lafayette, Louisiana) - It is always nice when a famous son or daughter of a city comes back to show love to his or her city. Specifically, citizens of Lafayette love when someone gets famous and comes back home to show love. Well, Lafayette's own Dustin Poirier is coming back home for a meet-and-greet bottle signing at Marcello's Wine Market.

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The Diamond will be at Marcello's on Saturday, September 9th from 10-12 am. You'll be able to buy and get your bottles of Rare Stash Bourbon signed by Poirier himself. This is the perfect opportunity for adults to go and support Lafayette's own and bring their kids to meet Poirier one of Lafayette's best athletes of all time.

Poirier is in good spirits even though he lost his recent fight. The other day he mentioned what his plans are for the future and how he wants to fight this year. Love to see that he isn't sulking on the loss and is on to the next plan. And the fact he is including showing love to Lafayette in that plan is just awesome.

Again you can meet Dustin Poirier at Marcello's Wine Market on Saturday, September 9th from 10-12 am.

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