US Senator John Kennedy opposes a bipartisan bill designed to improve the national background check database. The legislation would penalize federal workers who fail to report relevant records to the database, and provide incentives to states that increase reporting levels. Kennedy says we don’t need legislation asking federal workers to do their job…

“In my judgement we don’t need more gun control we need more idiot control”

States and federal agencies are required to report background information on people that would make them ineligible to purchase a firearm. Kennedy says he supports a database of criminal offenses, but he opposes legislation that asks government workers to do their jobs.

“One of the problems around this place I’ve found after a year on Capitol Hill is that no one ever gets fired.”

The bill was proposed as a fix to the NICS database that in theory should prevent those with criminal backgrounds, certain mental illnesses, dishonorable discharges, and other restrictions from purchasing firearms, but in practice has failed to stop several recent mass shootings. Kennedy says he would prefer legislation that would fire federal employees who fail to report the proper records into the Background Check system.

“What this bill would do to the federal employees is say basically pretty please with sugar on top and if you don’t do you job we might take your bonuses away.”

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