If you normally vote in Lafayette Parish in Precincts 98, 99, 104, and 128 this information is vitally important to you and your ability to cast your ballot today. There has been a change in the location of your polling place.

If you vote in Precincts 98 and 99 in Broussard you will cast your ballot at the Broussard Community Center. That Center is located on Broadview Drive. Now, if you voted earlier this year you might have cast your ballot in those precincts at Martial Billeaud Elementary School. The reason you cast a ballot earlier this year the school was because of the close proximity of a Senior Center at the Community Center location.

If you recall earlier this year the state had required local governments to limit the exposure of seniors or any place frequented by senior citizens as part of the coronavirus recovery and mitigation plan. That's why you voted at the school earlier this year and because things have changed regarding state mandates surrounding COVID-19 that's why you will now be able to vote at the Community Center.

Meanwhile, for voters who cast ballots in Precincts 104 and 128, your new polling place will be the East Regional Library on La Neuville Road in Youngsville. Earlier you may have voted at the Allen Comeaux Recreation Center's Magnolia Room but because of social distancing requirements and the expected large turnout today, voting was moved to the larger space at the library.

Should you have questions or concerns you can contact the Lafayette Parish Registrar of Voters Office. For more information on voting, including a sample ballot for where you live please visit GeauxVote.com. The polls are open across the state from 6 am this morning until 8 pm tonight.


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