One of the positions that Lafayette voters will have to make a decision about this Tuesday, November 3, is who they want to be their next Lafayette City Marshal.

The position was being held by former Marshal Brian Pope, who continues to battle charges in court. An interim person is serving in the position currently.

A name known to the local law enforcement community is Kip Judice who has more than thirty-five years of experience.

The Lafayette Parish Republic Parish Executive Committee has announced, via press release, that they are endorsing Duson Police Chief Kip Judice for the job. According to officials who hold seats on the committee, the group rarely makes endorsements.

LRPEC Chairman Tim Breaux had this to say about Judice,

We endorse candidates from time to time, but they must meet strict criteria. I have personally known Kip for more than 30 years. He is honest, a man of his word, and the right choice for Lafayette City Marshal. Kip will do great things in this position for law enforcement, as well as the community.

Kip Judice has been serving as the Chief of Police in Duson since 2015. When he began running the department, the long-time law enforcement official made multiple changes to department procedures. He is currently also serving as the President of the Southwest Louisiana Chiefs of Police Association.

Judice says,

I am humbled to receive the endorsement from the Lafayette Republican Parish Executive Committee. The roles and responsibilities of this position are often misunderstood. That is why as we get closer to Election Day, we are working hard to reach every voters in the area and inform them why I am the right candidate to elect for Lafayette City Marshal.

Here are some of the changes Judice plans to make if elected:

  • Implement a program for court date text alert reminders
  • Enhance training for deputies
  • Enhance training for staff
  • Improve community relations

The primary election is November 3.




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