A Lincoln Parish man is behind bars for a double homicide after he reported himself to police.

Maj. Steven Williams with the sheriff’s office says they got a call from John Nichols yesterday evening stating that he had shot Anthony and Rachel Denicola moments before.

“He advised that he would be standing out front waiting for deputies whenever they arrived, and he was promptly taken into custody once they did arrive on the scene,” Williams said.

Williams says the couple lived on property owned by Nichols and his family. There was an ongoing dispute among the family as to whether or not the two could remain on the property. Nichols had contacted local authorities to see about evicting the couple months prior to the deadly incident.

“He was wanting them removed from the property, and the other part of the family were wanting to leave them there. It’s been a building feud over the last couple of months,” Williams said.

Williams says the victims made allegations that Nichols made an inappropriate comment to their 14-year-old daughter months before. He says about 45 minutes after deputies had taken that report, the shooting occurred. He says two juvenile relatives were present during the shooting.

“The actual shooting took place outside. They were inside the residence at the time of the shooting. They were uninjured, and they were removed last night by juvenile officers,” Williams said.


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