I knew we, as in Louisiana, had gone too long without a big ticket win in either the Powerball Game or the Mega Millions Game. That dry spell came to an end with Saturday's Powerball drawing.

Granted the draw did not produce a national jackpot winner it did make someone who purchased a Powerball ticket in Louisiana a little more financially secure. The ticket matched all five of the white ball numbers but did not match the Powerball. Therefore the ticket is a one million dollar winner.

The numbers from the Saturday, August 25th drawing were: 20-25-54-57-63-PB 08

The million dollar winning ticket was purchased at 447 North Rampart Street in New Orleans at Ideal Mart. Since this business, is located fairly close to the French Quarter it's entirely possible someone from Acadiana could have popped in for a cold drink and a Powerball ticket. If  you bought a ticket for this past Saturday's drawing it would probably be a good idea to double check your numbers just to be sure.

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