Former USL Ragin' Cajun and New York Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry joins the Moon Griffon Show for a great conversation about his time in the Major Leagues.

With his beloved Yankees taking on the Boston Red Sox in the MLB Playoffs, "Louisiana Lighting" gave his insights into one of the best rivalries in sports. He also gave his thoughts on the current series itself.

He shared insight into a player's mentality going from a grueling regular season into the playoffs, and discussed why experience matters in the postseason.

The 1978 Cy Young Award winner also discussed how special it was for the Yankees to win the World Series in that same year. Guidry explains his current role with the Yankees and why he's been doing it for the past 28 years.

Finally, Guidry takes questions from callers and explains the story behind "Gator's Corner," and tells you which team had the toughest lineup he would face, who was the best hitter he ever went against, and which ballpark was the hardest for him to pitch in.

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