Recent changes in the relationship between the United States and Cuba could be quite windfall for some Louisiana industries. Among the industries that stands to benefit the most is Louisiana agriculture. Dr. Mike Strain, Louisiana's Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner, is leading a trade delegation to the island nation in hopes of securing future business for Louisiana farmers and ranchers.

Dr. Strain told the Louisiana Radio Network that in roads into the Cuban market could pay huge dividends for our state.

What does that mean for Louisiana? It means $300-$400 million a year in additional trade with Cuba.

Not only does Louisiana have the goods and commodities to export but Cuba has a definite need for the items we produce.

There are so many opportunities there. They need fertilizer, they need everything and we are the logical and most logistical port. The Port of New Orleans, the Port of Baton Rouge, the Port of Lake Charles to make that happen.

Relations with Cuba have finally begun to thaw after being nonexistent since the middle '60's. Just last year President Obama removed the trade embargo with Cuba. That means the opening of what could be a very lucrative marketplace.

We’re wanting to market our rice, soybeans, our wheat, our beef, our poultry, and also the many different things that we have and look at all of our agriculture commodities.

Dr. Strain and the delegation from Louisiana left for Cuba yesterday and they plan to spend the next few days establishing relationships with officials in that country.

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