A company called Zydeco Construction based out of Maurepas, Louisiana (southeast of Baton Rouge) has got social media in a beachy feel after they posted pictures yesterday of a newly installed "swimming pond."

As you can see in the pictures below, this is not a pool, but it has all the qualities of it, except you feel like you're on a beach.

By reading the comments, you can see there are a lot of questions about this clever idea. I decided to reach out to the owner of Zydeco Construction, Eric White, for a little explanation on how the pond works.

Below are some of the questions I asked about it:

Jude: Is the whole thing sand?
Eric: "Yes, it's all sand. It's 180 degree beach entry, so you can walk in from all sides."

Jude: Will the water stay blue?
Eric: "Yes, it is filtered and chlorinated. There's a special dye that gives it its color. If you didn't have that dye, it would just be crystal clear and you could see all the way to  the bottom."

Jude: How deep is this pond?
Eric: "About eight foot deep. It goes from zero to eight feet, but you could go as deep as you wanted."

Jude: Did you build the gazebo and umbrellas too?
Eric: "Oh yeah, we built it all. We built the gazebo with benches and tables. Where the umbrellas are we drove 20 foot pylons."

Jude: Is there any other company you know of that builds these?
Eric: "No, I'm the only person I know that's doing them around here."

Jude: Will it only work in certain types of soil?
Eric: "Where this one was built is near the river and it's all clay. You're gonna get places where you're gonna hit a water table that you'll hit but you can dig it out and clay the bottom of it. There's things you can do to make it work."

Jude: How big is the pond in the pictures?
Eric: "60 x 100 feet"

Jude: "Million dollar question, how much do these run?"
Eric: "I mean, a 20x40 gunite swimming pool is going to cost you 100 grand. Where something like this, you can do a 20X40 (without the gazebo) for $20,000." 

A final interesting fact about the pond above is that the owner built it with his dogs in mind. He has eight Labs and he wanted to have water for them to play in and decided a regular in-ground pool wasn't enough!

Eric also told us that he's received over 1,500 Facebook messages after posting these pictures. So if you want to find out more about his services, or if you have more questions, it might take him and his company a little while to get back to you.






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