It's not very often that the state of Louisiana asks its residents to claim cash in its possession. This, however, is one of those strange cases. State Treasurer John Schroder recently announced that more than $78.5 million had been added to the state's unclaimed money coffers.

By law, the state can't claim this cash until you've had a chance to see if it's yours. The process is really a simple one. You just visit the unclaimed money link on the Treasury website. You'll input some information, your name, the city where you live or lived, and your zip code.

From that same site, you can check the national database of unclaimed funds. So, if you've lived other places or just recently moved to Louisiana make sure you check in that database as well.

The money usually comes from unclaimed tax refunds, utility refunds or deposits, or even insurance settlements. The money can be claimed free of charge by either you or your heirs. All it takes is a click of your mouse and you could find yourself with a little extra cash that you didn't even know you had.

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