This time last week the National Hurricane Center was watching a poorly defined area of disturbed weather off the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea. That system was supposed to track northward into the Gulf of Mexico and eventually fizzle out.

Well, it's done everything but the fizzling out part. Granted the system itself is very weak and disorganized but it still has enough energy involved in its being that the Hurricane Center is still monitoring its progress.

As of early this morning, the area of disturbed weather was due south of Lake Charles and just east of the middle Texas coast. Forecasters do not give this system much of a chance to strengthen tropically over the next few days but it could be the catalyst for some more heavy downpours and thunderstorms with gusty winds.

The National Weather Service radar scan out of Lake Charles shows an abundance of moisture poised to move onshore in coastal Louisiana this morning. That threat of rain, some heavy at times, will remain in the forecast for the next day or so.

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