For years, the LSU athletic department has used a portion of its revenues to help fund the academic side of the university. But in an exclusive interview with Tiger Rag Magazine, athletics director Scott Woodward says the transfer policy is being re-evaluated because they can not sustain what they are currently doing.

“It’s something very dangerous when universities rely on recurring money especially from an auxiliary like an athletic department,” said Woodward.

From 2012-to-2017, LSU athletics sent nearly 50-million dollars to the university. Woodward says it’s dangerous for a university to rely on recurring money from athletics.

“While I will always support the university in some form or fashion, we can not sustain what we’re currently doing,” said Woodward.

LSU Senior Associate Athletics Director Robert Munson says they are working with the university to alter the transfer policy and a change would need approval from the president and the LSU Board of Supervisors.

LSU is one of the public universities in the country that uses athletic department revenues to help support the academic side.

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