The Slidell Police Department has arrested a man who was seen abusing a dog on a Ring doorbell camera.

According to Slidell police, the incident happened on Sunday and a report was filed on Monday.

We won't post the video until there is an edited version, but a report from Fox 8 describes the clip here.

In the video, the man, identified by Slidell Police as Shane Mitchell, is seen standing outside the door of an apartment occupied by a woman. He is holding the dog, named Rubyjean, by a leash. In the video, Mitchell can be seen yanking Rubyjean by the leash, lifting at least the animal’s front legs off the ground at one point.

The woman allegedly refused to open the door and yells to Mitchell that she "called authorities."


In a detailed report on Mitchell's arrest for animal cruelty, police say the investigation is still ongoing, and "additional charges could follow in reference to other incidents."

Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal says that after meeting RubyJean, he couldn't understand how anyone would want to abuse the animal.

I was sick to my stomach watching that video. How someone can do hurt a defenseless animal is beyond me. I had the opportunity to meet Rubyjean this afternoon, and she was as sweet and well-mannered as could be. We are glad this had a happy ending for both the dog and her owner.

Video of RubyJean safe and sound was posted to Facebook by the dog's owner, thanking everyone for their help that led to her ultimate rescue.

According to this Facebook post from his employer, Mitchell was fired from his job over the incident.

We're just glad RubyJean is safe; and hopefully, justice will be served.

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