A Wood County man has been arrested after he allegedly drowned nine of his daughter's puppies at a residence in Hawkins, Texas.

For those of us that love animals, the very idea that anyone could ever do something like this is hard to imagine. Particularly when it comes to the animals that many of us love sharing our homes and lives with, it's unfathomable for some of us to imagine taking puppies and drowning the life out of them, then throwing them in the trash like they mean absolutely nothing.

And that is exactly (allegedly) what this Wood County man did.

His daughter allegedly threatened to burn down the home of the Wood County man in response to his action in this regard.

According to a story shared by KETK News, "Lt. Austin Milburn with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office told KETK that they responded to a residence in Hawkins after receiving a call from Jerry Lynn Thompson, 66, saying that his daughter was threatening to burn down his house."

When law enforcement arrived at the Hawkins, Texas residence, that's when they discovered the woman's reasoning for the threat, whether real or born out of sadness or heartbreak, was due to his decision to drown 9 of the 12 puppies that were under the care of his daughter. The remaining 3 puppies were reportedly returned to her by her dad, Jerry Lynn Thompson.

After being arrested and charged with 'cruelty to non-livestock animal-kill,' Thompson was taken to the Wood County Jail. His bond was set at $135,000.

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