The Summer of 2018 will likely go down as the summer that a lot of out of town animals came to visit Louisiana. Just last week there were stories of sharks being caught by fishermen in the Atchafalaya Basin and off Cypremort Point. Now comes the visual proof that an animal that is most commonly associated with South Florida has popped in for a visit to The Bayou State.

That fuzzy gray blob you see in the murky waters of the Bonnet Carre Spillway is a manatee. Manatees don't get a lot of press in this part of the world. Even though we don't think of Louisiana as manatee country there are warning signs for boaters to be mindful of them in the spillway so they probably are more common than we think.

However, the sea cows, as they are sometimes called, are no strangers to waterways similar to the spillway. Many manatees can be seen swimming and foraging for food in the canals of Florida.

How did the manatee make it to Louisiana? Did the manatee hitch a ride with the sharks? Is the commentary from the people that shot the video the most Louisiana thing you'll hear today? The answers, not sure, probably not, and absolutely. Thanks to Paul Trimmier and Angie Vicknair for sharing this unlikely aquatic encounter and describing it as only Louisiana people can.

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