Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters thinks his team will face the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs, and he's looking forward to it.

On Thursday, Peters took exception to a postgame comment made by Payton following the Saints' 45-35 win over the Rams last Sunday, throwing in an expletive as he fired back.

Payton said after the game that the Saints got the match-up they wanted when Drew Brees threw threw a 72-yard touchdown pass to Michael Thomas, whom Peters was covering, to seal the win.

"They were going to travel Marcus to him, and that was fine by us," Payton said after the game. "We thought we really liked that match-up -- a lot."

Peters, a two-time Pro Bowler, responded that on Thursday, with some comments that could make a rematch between the two teams, in a potential playoff contest, even more interesting:

"Tell Sean Payton to keep talking that s---. We going to see him soon, you feel me?" Peters said. "Because I like what he was saying on the sidelines too. So tell him to keep talking that (expletive). I hope he see me soon, you feel me? Then we going to have a good li'l, nice li'l bowl of gumbo together."

It should be pointed out that Payton never mentioned Peters, specifically, and that Thomas is a good match-up, against anybody.

Well, we can take away at least two things from this: Peters thinks the two teams will meet again in the playoffs, and he apparently likes gumbo.

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