A Ricky Meche's Donut King location On E. Willow Street is defending a message posted on the sign outside of their restaurant.

The message on their marquee reads "Put Down Your Guns And Pick Up Some Donuts."

The North Side donut shop has found themselves in the center of a debate over the sign's message, but owner Blaine Peltier says they are standing firm behind their words.

It seems that our sign is beginning to spark some thoughts from the community which was exactly our intention. Unfortunately, we believe it is generating the the wrong dialogue. While the comments made directly to us regarding the sign have been overwhelmingly positive, there is also, and inevitably so, some minor criticism crying that our message is offensive.
If we are entitled to ANYTHING in our lifetime, it is certainly our opinions. Opinions do, however, breed questions and, hopefully, conversations that nurture progress. Our question from this particular opinion is “Who exactly are we offending?”.
Someone, not only in our community of the North Side, but in our region is shot EVERY DAY. An Acadiana business or home is attacked with a firearm almost as frequently. Our ridiculous statement is merely a response to a ridiculous period in our region's modern history where gunfights and bloodshed parallel the dusty roads of the Old West.
If we are causing the very people who are precipitating this current societal cancer (the shooters, the thieves, the cowards who use firearms as extensions of their emotions) to feel foolish and offended then, well, good. We do NOT apologize and please note that we are NOT afraid of you.
Meches on Willow Street is a welcome wake up to anyone who steps foot in it. We are this neighborhood's first cup of coffee and bite to eat in the morning and we deeply value that relationship. We give this community the love and respect it has earned and we do it with warmth, sugar, and humor. Not outrage. We also welcome opinions so, please, do not be shy to initiate a good conversation. Communication and humor is how we ALL heal and thrive.

Naturally, there were many mixed reactions to the message, with some arguing that the Meche's location shouldn't be mixing business with politics, while others applauded them, saying more businesses around Lafayette should take a similar stance.

There were also some who felt that firearms were being criticized when violence was the actual problem. It's a debate that may or may not have a "right" answer, but there is definitely no shortage of opinions on the issue.

This isn't the first time Meche's has used their sign to send a positive message or address issues in their community. This photo below shows one of the previous messages posted on their marquee.

Hot 107.9 Staff Photo
Hot 107.9 Staff Photo

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