It's not very often that something as horrendous as a weapon of war can play a part in creating something that has turned out to be so beautiful. Such is the case of Playa de Amor, Mexico's hidden "beach of love".

This hidden gem along Mexico's Pacific Coast in the  Marietas Islands near Puerto Vallarta is actually the world's most beautiful bomb crater. The area was used by the Mexican Government during the early 1900s for target practice. The huge explosions created a crater that now provides sun worshipers with a secluded strip of sand that's out of plain sight and kissed by crystal blue waters.

To get to the beach you will need to get a permit from the Mexican government and you'll need to do a little swimming. You have to swim through a short tunnel to arrive at the secluded beach.

I'd like to think that nature made this beach beautiful but mankind just made it a little more interesting. Regardless, it is now on the bucket list of places I'd like to see in person because I bet the videos just don't do it justice.

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