Forget Ebay. I am going to spend my auction money with the GSA. The GSA is the General Services Administration of the United States Government. They are basically charged with obtaining and discarding federal assets. If you haven't stopped to think about it the Federal Government has a lot of stuff and while we always hear about them buying stuff they sell almost as much as they buy.

The GSA Auction site has a myriad of items that you can purchase from the US Government. There are homes, buildings, car parts, plane parts, helicopters, tractors, and yes some lighthouses.

It was the lighthouses that caught my eye. That's my idea of living. I love being isolated. I can sleep with the lights on. I love having a view on the water. Currently, the GSA has six different lighthouses for auction. There are five in Michigan and one on the Chesapeake Bay. They are all pretty darn unique and you could have one for as little as $15,000. That's about the price of a decent used car.

So, if you have a need for some sea plane floats, a blimp, some photography equipment, or even a lighthouse be sure and check out the GSA Auction website. When you think about it, you're basically buying back your stuff that you lent to the government with your tax dollars. At least you'll be getting something of value in return.


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