We've totally been mispronouncing some of these cities our entire lives.

Thrillist just released a list of the 20 Most Mispronounced Cities and if you're from Lafayette, LA you will be happy to know that someone gets us.

That's right, Lafayette, LA made the list amongst 19 other places in America that people constantly mispronounce. I must admit that all my life I have been mispronouncing at least 5 of the other cities that made the list, but better late than never.

How many are you willing to admit you've been pronouncing incorrectly?

1. Boise, Idaho. (BOY-see) Most people say it like there's a "Z" in there. And it's a pretty minor difference, but it's supposed to be pronounced with an "S" sound.


2. Lafayette, Louisiana. (LAH-fee-et) Most people say La-FAY-et, like it's spelled. But it's La-FEE-et.


3. Helena, Montana. (HELL-en-uh) A lot of people say Hell-AY-nuh. But the emphasis should be on the first syllable, not the second.


4. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (WILKS-Bairy) The second half is spelled B-A-R-R-E, so a lot of people say Wilks-BAR. But it's Wilks-BAIRY.


5. Kissimmee, Florida. (Kah-SIM-ee) Some people put the emphasis on the first part, KIH-suh-mee. But it's Kah-SIM-ee.


6. Norfolk, Virginia. (NOR-fik) It doesn't actually rhyme with the world "folk." It's NOR-fik . .  or NAW-fik if you want to sound like you're from Virginia.


7. Spokane, Washington. (Spo-CAN) It looks like it's Spo-CANE, but it's Spo-CAN.


8. Louisville, Kentucky. (LOO-ih-vull) A lot of people say "LOUEY-ville." But there's no hard "E". So it almost sounds like it's just two syllables . . . LOO-ih-vull.

Check out the rest of the list here and share this with friends to see what they've been mispronouncing all this time!

Or, share it with that out of town friend who can't seem to pronounce Lafayette correctly. :)

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