I have long maintained that one of the best rivalries in all of sports is the college baseball rivalry between Mississippi State and LSU. The teams are always good. The games are always competitive. Each school loves to beat the other and both fan bases are among the funniest sons of a gun you will ever meet. Take, for example, this Mississippi State fan.

That's right, that man just said in front of God and everyone that his wife's boyfriend had to sell his prosthetic leg on Craigslist so they could afford to buy him tickets to be in Omaha. Now, the comment was totally tongue in cheek but you've got to admit it's pretty dang funny.

If only LSU had managed to earn a trip to Omaha this year I could only imagine the cutting up and tomfoolery that would be taking place. Since LSU fell a little short this year it will be up to the fans of Bulldogs to keep the quirky comments and odd storylines streaming from the College World Series.

Oddly enough the Bulldogs are just one win away from making it the finals. All they have to do is defeat Oregon State, the team that eliminated LSU. The Bulldogs will have two chances to do that beginning Saturday at 3 PM.

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