Acadiana drivers have developed a love/hate relationship with the roundabout over the past few years. I have to admit, in the beginning, I wasn't to keen on the idea of a traffic circle but in places like the intersection of Rue de Belier and Highway 93 the roundabout actually speeds up the flow of traffic.

If you live in Youngsville I am pretty sure that you have a roundabout installed in your home they are so prevalent there. We're now getting word that more than 30 different locations across Acadiana are being considered for the installation of roundabouts to aid in the flow of traffic.

The Metro Planning Organization is currently studying 35 different locations for possible roundabouts. Each location will be considered on an individual basis. Once identified further study will go into the decision as to whether or not a roundabout is the best solution for that specific location.

These are the locations that are under consideration according to a report on

LA 96 (Terrace Hwy) @ Capritto Rd., City of St. Martinville
Bernard Dr. @ W. Pinhook Rd. (LA 182), Lafayette Parish/Broussard
Cajundome Blvd. @ US 90 (Cameron St.), Lafayette City
Chemin Metairie Pkwy. @ Détente Rd., Youngsville
Chemin Metairie Pkwy. @ Larriviere Rd., Youngsville
Chemin Metairie Pkwy. @ Savoy Rd., Youngsville
Dulles Dr. @ LaViolon Rd., Scott
Eraste Landry Rd. @ LA 93 (Westgate Rd.), Scott
Eraste Landry Rd. @ US 90 (Cameron St.), Lafayette City
Fortune Rd. @ Chemin Metairie, Lafayette Parish
LA 733 (E. Broussard Rd.) @ Robley Dr., Lafayette Parish
LA 339 (Verot School Rd.) @ Fortune Rd., Lafayette Parish
LA 342 (Ridge Rd.) @ Lagneaux Rd., Lafayette Parish
LA 353 (Cypress Island Hwy) @ Capritto Rd., St. Martin Parish
LA 724 (Duhon Rd.) @ LA 724 (S. Fieldspan Rd.), Lafayette Parish
LA 724 (Duhon Rd.) @ Lagneaux Rd., Lafayette Parish
LA 728 (Surrey St.) @ River Rd., Lafayette City
LA 92 (Young St.) @ Larriviere Rd., Youngsville/Broussard
LA 93 @ Frontage Rd. (Northeast side of Interchange), Grand Coteau
LA 93 @ LA 182, Sunset
LA 95 @ Lexington Dr., Acadia Parish
La Neuville Rd. @ Bonin Rd., Broussard/Lafayette Parish
Landry Rd. @ LA 724 (S. Fieldspan Rd.), Lafayette Parish
Luke St. @ Dulles Rd., Lafayette City
Mills St. @ LA 98 (W. Gloria Switch Rd.), Lafayette Parish
N. St. Antoine St. @ Acadian Hills Ln., Lafayette City
N. St. Antoine St. @ Gilman Rd., Lafayette City
N. St. Antoine St. @ Benoit-Falgout Rd., Lafayette City
Ridge Rd. @ LA 343 (S. Richfield Rd.), Lafayette Parish
S. Domingue Ave. @ LA 93 (Ridge Rd.), Lafayette City
Tolson Rd. @ Bonin Rd., Lafayette City
W. Broussard Rd. @ LA 342 (Ridge Rd.), Lafayette City/Lafayette Parish
W. Congress St. @ Pierce/Garfield, Lafayette City
W. Willow St. @ Mills St., Scott

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