With one simple tweet, the LSU quarterback situation for the upcoming season either got a lot clearer or a lot more confusing depending upon how you look at it. The tweet came from redshirt freshman quarterback Lowell Narcisse Jr.

Narcisse has been with the Tiger program since 2017. His time on the field has been limited by injuries. This year it looked as if Narcisse and Myles Brennan would be the two main contenders for the job of quarterback. That changed when the Tigers brought in Joe Burrow an Ohio State University transfer with two years of eligibility left.

What Narcisse plans are following his departure from LSU are uncertain. Goodness knows he possesses the skills and knowledge to earn a spot on many college football rosters across the country. Let's hope he finds a good fit for his football and educational career.

Meanwhile, several media outlets are reporting rumblings that another LSU signal caller Justin McMillian could also be planning his future away from Baton Rouge. McMillan earned his degree from LSU this summer. So far in his career, he has only attempted only one pass in a game for the Tigers.

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