There was once a time before smartphones when the only record of your drunken stupidity could be recounted by the foggy memories of friends who were just as toasted as you were.  Or they could be recounted and documented by a well thought out and descriptive police report.

Those times are long gone my friend and chances are you could not only be internet famous for your drunken orations but with a new app you could learn a lot about yourself.  While we officially support drinking in moderation only we know you and we know you can't be trusted around an ice chest.

The app is called Bad Plato and it's available at Google Play and at the App Store for Apple devices. This app explores the most interesting and infuriating aspects of being around drunk people.

Those aspects of the inebriated  of which I speak is their wit, charm, commentary, and collective wisdom. Chances are if you've ever been wasted you've come up with an idea that could change the world or invoke world peace. Then you passed out and forgot it.

The Bad Plato app allows you to save those masterful drunken thoughts that could spark your genius and fan the flames of greatness within. Or, you could just review your answers and realize that drunk people are never as smart, as witty, as charming, or as funny as they think they are.


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