Jack Montoucet takes over as the director of the  Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries this weekend.

The former state representative from Crowley tells the Louisiana Radio Network that part of his mission in that position is to ensure that the traditions of the Sportsman's Paradise be protected and to get more Louisiana residents interested in enjoying our unique outdoor environment.

That’s our culture, that’s our legacy in Louisiana, that’s our way for life. We certainly want our kids to participate in that, to be active, promoting, managing and being concerned.

Montoucet has a unique background in Louisiana outdoors. He has been an alligator farmer for the past 30 years. I would dare say there aren't many jobs that are more Louisiana than that. In those years he has worked with LDWF to help bring alligators off the endangered species list and into a viable commodity for our state's producers. He hopes to do the same for other Louisiana programs.

Red fish farming, you name it. Whatever we have available. Because if we can lead in the alligator industry worldwide, we can certainly add in other aspects.

Montoucet also hopes to mend fences between the department and recreational fishermen regarding Red Snapper fishing rules and requirements.



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