Until August of 2016, a lot of us living in Lafayette Parish had no idea we were living in an area that floods. Don't get me wrong, I understand this is Louisiana and we are quite famous for our ability to retain water. Still, the floods of 2016 changed a lot of things for a lot of people.

What the floods of 2016 did not change were the proposed changes that FEMA was planning for flood zones across Lafayette Parish. According to reports, the new FEMA flood maps were already on the drawing board long before the high water hit. Some government officials are suggesting that the floods of 2016 only validated the newer maps.

Here is a link to an interactive version of the FEMA Flood Map for Lafayette Parish.

Simply enter your address and you can see if your home or business is now included as part of a flood zone. If your home or business is now in a flood zone you could be required to get flood insurance from your mortgage provider, bank, or insurance company.

On a personal note, I suggest you get flood insurance. Your regular homeowner's policy usually doesn't cover flooding and nothing can mess up a house like high water. That's just my two cents based on real-life experience. I know you'll make the best choice for your family.

The new flood maps will not go into effect until December 21st. So, the savvy flood insurance purchaser would want to purchase insurance now before their home or business has been officially placed in a flood zone. Based on some observations as many 4,500 properties will now be classified as being in a flood zone when the new maps go into effect.

If you need clarification or would like to ask questions about the new FEMA Flood Map there will be several community meetings held for that purpose. The first meeting will be in  Broussard on September 11th at the Broussard Community Center. The next meeting will be in Scott at the events center on September 12th. A third meeting is set for September 19th in Carencro at the community center. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 6 PM.

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