We all want to be safe, but sometimes we forget it's the little things that make it easy for burglars to rob your home, and take everything you've worked hard for.

MSN Lifestyle has some tips on how to make it hard for those criminals who might be on the look out to rob you of YOUR stuff. You're welcome.

  • Leaving trash visible from the street. If you just bought a 60 inch HD TV, and the box is sitting outside your trash container, then everybody in the neighborhood now knows you have some brand new merch.
  • Posting vacation pics on social media. You just let everyone know you're not at home.
  • Overflowing mail box. Have your mail held at the post office. This is the #1 thing burglars look for.
  • Newspapers in the driveway. Have your daily paper stopped while you're out of town.
  • Not locking the door. Really? In 2018 this should be the first thing you do. Don't make it easy for them to come in and steal you blind.
  • Leaving a window cracked. Same thing as the door. You might as well send out invitations to break into your house if you do this.
  • Not locking your garage door. Just do it.
  • Leaving spare keys in obvious places. Thieves are going to look at the conspicuous places. Under the planter on the front porch is not a good idea.
  • Having a doggy or kitty door. Yes, they will try and enter the house that way if they can. Dumb, we know.
  • Not closing your blinds. We know your plants need some sunshine, but it's also easy for criminals to look in the windows and see what kind of stuff you have to steal.
  • Lawn and plants not kept up. Make sure your neighbors or a trusted friend can water your plants and mow your lawn while you're gone.

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