Santosha a Tiny House Village in New Orleans
Have you ever seen the HGTV show Tiny House, Big Living? Well, Santosha is all about dialing back and down-sizing in the name of freedom and self sufficiency. Find out how Haiyan Khan is going to set up his one-acre lot dedicated to rehabilitating the homeless of New Orleans.
18 Wheeler Has Blow Out - Catches Fire Hits Home On US 190
Thursday afternoon an 18 wheeler traveling on U.S. 190 in St. Landry Parish experienced a blow-out causing the vehicle to cross both lanes of traffic and ending up hitting a home. Even though the truck caught fire the driver of the rig and a child inside the home sustained only minor injuries...
‘Great Gatsby’ House Torn Down [VIDEO]
The home that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write eternal high school English class assignment 'The Great Gatsby' has been torn down, according to reports.
'Lands End' was a grand mansion on Long Island's North Shore, which was built by a newspaper publisher in 1902.
For a period of time during the …