New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston used the bye-week to recharge as the team gets ready for the long haul towards the post season. Winston is once again back with the wild workouts, as he and his team set their eyes on a post bye-week hot streak.

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Jameis Winston is growing into his role at the leader of the Saints offense. Even though the team had the week off, Winston was still focused on the task at hand.

See what Winston had to say today via @Saints on Twitter.

Now, we all know that Winston loves to mix-in some untraditional exercises when it comes to his training. That hasn't stopped even as the Saints are well into their season.

See video from Winston's bye-week-workout via @brgridiron on Twitter below.

This is pretty basic in comparison to what we have seen out of Winston in the past, but the most important thing to note is the QB's laser focus.

Twitter via @LogansTwitty
Twitter via @LogansTwitty

No matter if it is pre-season training or in the thick of action, Winston has remained focused and positive throughout the Saints results thus far. It is clear to see the QB and the rest of his team are headed in the right direction as more and more impact players get healthy.

Jameis Winston
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The New Orleans Saints travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks in their first Monday Night Football appearance of the year.

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